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Local Fiber Internet

Get ready to experience the fastest and most reliable internet service from your reputable, local cooperative!

PearlComm’s fiber-to-the-home network will deliver the fastest internet available, making it possible for our community to access the full spectrum of online resources. With no lag time and no frustration.

  • Incredibly fast fiber internet
  • No annual commitment
  • Equal upload and download speeds
  • Reliable, trusted provider
  • Unlimited data

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Standard vs Fiber

Compare standard high-speed internet to fiber!

3Mbps 25Mbps Up to 1000Mbps (Gigabit)
Download 100 photos 14 min 42 sec 1 min 48 sec 2.8 seconds
Download HD Movie 4 hrs 48 min 34 min 24 sec 54.3 seconds
Download 50 songs 8 min 12 sec 1 min 1.5 seconds
Download 50 GB Game 39 hrs 48 min 4 hrs 8 min 7.5 minutes