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Our support line will help with whatever you need!
Why is Pearl River Valley getting into fiber?

We have decided to move forward with expanding fiber communications throughout our entire region of service in an effort to increase connectivity in the field. 

Is it unlimited data? Can I stream with it?

Yes, it will be unlimited data. You can stream with it.

Does it include TV service?

No. TV service is not available at this time.

Does it include phone service?

Yes. Fiber technology allows for VoIP (voice over internet protocol) phone service. You can choose to sign up for this service separately.

Can I get bundled billing with my electric?

We are currently working through the regulations surrounding the telecommunications industry and exploring options to determine the best route for billing.

How long will it be before I get fiber?

We will be working as quickly as possible to build-out a fiber network that has connectivity across our entire system. The entire project will take five years to complete.

Why can't I find my address when pre-registering?

PearlComm Fiber uses data from a variety of sources which can occasionally cause issues for some addresses. If you experience a problem, please use our support email,, and email us your name, PRVEPA account number and 9-1-1 address. Please remember that you must be a Pearl River Valley Electric member to pre-register.