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We had another provider in the past and it was horrible and never working. PearlComm has been a game changer for our family. The service is so fast and I am able to work from home more and even do my video calls without interruption. The kids can do schoolwork and play games without any lagging. Thank you for offering this in our area. Some of our friends who are stuck with another provider are very jealous!

The two men who installed our internet were very knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient. The actual service is amazing. I have two children doing online school and they never have any issues using the internet. Uploading is fast! We often couldn’t upload anything with our previous provider. My son can game without lagging! We are super impressed.

PearlComm has surpassed every internet service I’ve had in the past. The service is phenomenal. It’s the best occurrence to happen in this rural area. There’s no buffering, no lagging, and no slow uploads or downloads. It’s great! I’m actually getting what I pay for with this service.

I have been impressed with this service and the reasonable price. PearlComm Fiber is much better, more reliable and faster than the hotspot service we had before due to our location. There have been no outages to current date, and I’ve now had the opportunity to discontinue satellite television service and replace with streaming which has lowered monthly bills. Plus, we can now monitor security cameras remotely as well as many other household items.

PearlComm completely blows away any other internet provider I have had in the past. The service is much faster and I have only had one outage that lasted less than an hour. I like the fast speed and user-friendly equipment. My installation technician was very nice and did a great job. I am finally happy with my internet provider.

PearlComm has exceeded my expectations. I used a mobile hotspot for internet service prior to PearlComm. My laptop could not use internet service with another device using the hotspot. I paid nearly $300 each month for phone, internet, and television with my former company. It is such a difference since switching to PearlComm. It was one of the best financial decisions that I could have made. Thank you for offering this service to our area!

I did a speed test comparison and it’s literally 10x faster than our previous provider. We have been so pleased with PearlComm. It’s made such a difference for our household.

Living where we do there’s not been a lot of options for internet service, so to be able to finally experience such consistent high-speed internet for our business and personal use is a dream!! Thank you!

We’ve tried others, and Pearl Comm is far superior to anything we’ve had! We love that we can stream without the aggravation of constant buffering!

I like PearlComm because they gave us fast service when no other company even offered coverage to our neighborhood.